Laser marking system have grown rapidly in recent years. Combining visual inspection with the continuous development of technology is a great example of modern science and technology. CCD visual positioning marks, which combine laser technology and visual technology, will be a thing of the future.

1. CCD Vision Laser Marking System Introduction

Laser marking machine with a industrial CCD camera, it scan the marks and create information quickly. They save time because they do not require manual placement. Visual positioning laser marking machines can accurately identify the products to be marked, no matter how you place the product

2. Laser marking machine working principle – visual positioning

Laser machines work on the principle of visual positioning. A template is first created for the product and then its shape is determined.

3. Laser Marking Machine with Visual Positioning: Characteristics and advantages

The main feature of this laser machine is its automatic marking, with few interruptions or errors. It can automatically load an assembly line and mark multiple items all at once.